You know that you need a complete IT infrastructure in order to maximize the profitability of your company’s technology. Yet, you may have doubts that you’ve got it in your budget to afford all the necessary equipment and software. Thanks to the many “as a service” offerings of today’s market, virtually any business can afford to get their hands on the technology they need to succeed.

Essentially, “as a service” offerings provide companies the advantage of not having to pay upfront for IT expenses. Instead, the technologies are available at an affordable monthly rate, and these “as a service” solutions often come with oversight and assistance provided by a reliable IT company, like Aspire. Here are three examples of “as a service” offerings that can revolutionize your company’s IT infrastructure and budget.

Software as a Service
The traditional approach to enterprise software is to purchase one copy for each workstation, or perhaps one version for your server that can be accessed by each connected PC operated by a licensed user. The problem with this approach is that it’s pricey to purchase the needed software, as well as to deploy the software to every workstation. Software as a Service removes these barriers by allowing you to subscribe to the software you need.

Microsoft Office 365 is a great example of this. Instead of having to buy and install one CD-ROM of each Office app that you need, simply purchase Office 365 accounts for your team. This will provide them with access to only the Office apps they need to do their jobs, and since Office 365 is cloud-based, you don’t have to install the software on your servers and your staff gains anytime/anywhere access.

Hardware as a Service
Hardware as a Service (HaaS) allows organizations to get their hands on the IT equipment they need, like server units, workstations, etc., by essentially leasing it. HaaS is very advantageous for businesses, especially if you have a difficult time coming up with enough capital to make a major IT purchase like a new server unit. In fact, paying for IT equipment through HaaS actually comes from your operating budget, which means that you can get the IT infrastructure of your dreams without having to dip into your capital funds. As a bonus, the IT company that you’re leasing the equipment from will often times service and upgrade the equipment as part of the terms of your lease, making it even more attractive to companies on a budget.

Infrastructure as a Service
With IaaS, you’re essentially getting all the benefits of SaaS and extending them across your entire computing platform. One common way that IaaS is achieved is by cloud computing. Thanks to the advancements afforded by the cloud, it’s now entirely possible to host your entire IT infrastructure in the cloud, or even part of it if that better suits your needs. The advantages of IaaS are many, including not having to pay for and maintain the hardware required to host a platform in-house. This will free up physical space in your office, save on electricity costs, and provide your staff with the means to access the hosted network from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

The money you will save by taking advantage of these three “as a service” offerings will revolutionize how your business approaches technology, and may even get you thinking about other aspects your business that you can turn into a service. This kind of outside-the-box service is what Aspire specializes in. Call us today at (469) 7-ASPIRE to learn more.

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