Here are three ways that the fax machine can cost you more money than you may realize. Thankfully, none of these expenditures come with its replacement, a fax server solution.

The Need for a Dedicated Phone Line
Any business with a fax machine must have a dedicated phone line to go with it. Otherwise, callers won’t be able to get through whenever the fax machine is in use; a situation that could potentially lead to a lost sale. If you use a traditional phone service, then a fee for this phone line shows up on every bill, which can really add up over time. A fax server solution utilizes your Internet connection (something you’re already paying for), allowing you to finally cut the cord on your ancient dedicated fax line.

Paying for Paper and Ink Toner
Like the previous example, paying for paper and ink toner is a small expense that can really add up over the years. For example, did you know that one gallon of HP 02 Black ink adds up to $4,294.58 per gallon? Over the years, think for a moment about how many times you’ve replaced your fax machine’s ink cartridge. And now, try not to think about what else you could’ve done with that money. When implementing a money-saving paperless strategy for your business, a fax server solution is a must.

Fax Machine Upkeep
Fax machines are just like any piece of technology, they’re prone to breaking down. When this happens, you’ve got to contact an IT technician for a repair, and it may cost you more than you’d like due to the fix requiring an on-site visit for a specialty item. Also, don’t forget about the daily maintenance that comes from simply keeping a fax machine operational. Tasks include:

  • Replacing ink cartridges
  • Refilling paper
  • Taking care of paper jams
  • Tending to the sending and receiving of faxes
  • Filing the faxed paperwork

Essentially, all the time that your staff spends doing fax machine upkeep tasks like these equates to time not spent working on more meaningful and profitable projects; AKA, lost productivity.

A fax server solution from Aspire will eliminate all of these fax machine expenses for your company. Instead of dealing with ink and paper, you can send and receive digitized faxes in the form of PDF files, all from your email inbox. And don’t forget about finally getting rid of that bulky fax machine! To learn more about how a fax server solution works, along with more ways that it will benefit your business, reach out to Aspire at (469) 7-ASPIRE.

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