Backups Take Place Multiple Times Each Day
Some data backup options, like tape backup, only backup data once per day. This option isn’t advantageous for your typical business, due to the time it takes to run a backup along with the strain it puts on your infrastructure. For example, think for a moment of just how much business you accomplish in one day’s worth of work. In the case of many organizations, attaching a monetary amount to this figure adds up to way more money than what would be saved by going with a low-end, tape backup solution that only backs up once a day.

BDR is the best option for the continuity of your business, simply due to the fact that it takes a snapshot of your company’s data every fifteen minutes (or less in some cases). The choice is a no brainer. In a worst-case scenario where you’re hit with a disaster causing data loss, it’s significantly better to lose only a few minutes worth of data, instead of an entire day’s worth of work.

You’ll Be Prepared to Handle Virtually Any Disaster
The whole point of backing up your data is to save your butt in the event that your company is slammed with a disaster. Essentially, your organization needs a data backup and recovery option that safeguards your information from every disaster, not just some of them. This is the kind of protection you get with BDR, thanks to its ability to store your backed up data in the cloud.

Compare this to a traditional tape backup, which stores data locally on tape drives that are typically kept on-premise. If a disaster actually strikes your facility and your tape drives went up in ashes along with your server units, you’d be toast. Herein lies the immense value of going with BDR to back up your files to the cloud.

Additionally, the handling of backup tapes only increases the risk that something bad will happen to your data. Whether you store the tapes on-premise or transport them off-site each night, the fact that there’s an extra step where something can go wrong should deter you from tape. This is classic risk management.

BDR Keeps Operations Going When You Need Your Data the Most
One of the most useful and money-saving features of BDR is its ability to quickly get operations back up and running after experiencing a disaster. With tape backup, it can take up to several days for your data to be restored and available for use, whereas BDR can provide your data in minutes, as well as act as a virtualized server in the event that something happened to your in-house server. Plus, in an extreme disaster where your office is leveled and your IT infrastructure is destroyed, BDR can spin up your data in the cloud and we can overnight ship a new BDR to your temporary office location. This is the surest way for your company to bounce back from a worst-case disaster.

These are just three reasons why we recommend BDR to business owners 100 percent of the time. Contact us today to learn more.

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