VoIP works by sending your voice over your Internet connection instead of through your typical telephone cables. VoIP has the power to help small business attain the functionality to facilitate fast growth, but even large companies have the capabilities to fully leverage VoIP. Here are three ways that using VoIP can help your business grow more profitable and communicate better.

VoIP Enhances Mobility
Corded phones used to be such a hassle. You couldn’t walk three feet from the receiver without knocking over something or getting the cord tangled up. Even cordless phones limited how productive you could be. Depending on how far you would move from the phone dock, you would lose signal or drop the call. VoIP helps to resolve these issues, and makes communicating with a telephone much easier.

By using a wireless headset with a microphone, you can essentially communicate from any Internet-connected device that can access your VoIP application. This lets you take your VoIP device on the road with you, which in-turn means that you always have your work number available to make calls, hop into meetings, and such. With some configuration, your VoIP phone can work just like an ordinary phone on your mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer system, making it a versatile and convenient tool for communication anywhere that you have an Internet connection.

VoIP is Flexible
When your business is experiencing growth, it can be exciting, but this excitement usually comes with growing pains. For instance, how often do you have to make changes to your telephone cabling infrastructure in order to accommodate growth? If you’re installing new telephone systems, you need to make sure that your office can handle the changes. Plus, depending on the limitations of your traditional phone system, you may be required to perform a major upgrade just to accommodate a new staff member.

With VoIP, there isn’t much extra cabling that’s required. All you have to do is add a new user account, and as long as you have enough bandwidth to handle the increased traffic on your network, you’ll be good to go.

Integrated Features: IM, Video Chat, Conference Calling
One of the best benefits of VoIP is that you can augment it with a large number of additional features, many of which are designed for use with your existing system and collaboration technologies. VoIP can work alongside an instant messaging medium which allows for instantaneous communication between departments.

Another great feature of VoIP is its integration with video conferencing software. This provides a more personal approach to inbound and outbound communications. By meeting “face to face,” so to speak, you can make even remote workers feel like they’re only a phone call away.

With all of the great and interesting features that VoIP has, it’s more than a qualified replacement for your traditional phone system. To learn more, contact us today at (469) 7-ASPIRE.

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