More businesses than ever before have been falling victim to the various threats found on the Internet, which has provided a valuable opportunity to learn more about how to protect your business and ensure its survivability in the face of data breaches. However, even your employees are a valuable method of securing your business, especially if you take the time to explain to them the important role they play in security.

There are two primary ways to secure a network. The first involves implementing security solutions to protect it on a technological level. The other is to ensure that the human element of your business–your workforce–is educated on best practices regarding network security.

Hover Over Links to Check Their Authenticity
Even if you think you know the sender of an email, be sure to hover over the links to make sure that they go to where they claim to go. You can do the same with any attachments sent to your email address. In reality, you might never encounter a message specifically designed to target down your business, but staying vigilant is the best way to ensure that nobody makes a mistake. A couple of seconds here and there can be the deciding factor for the future of your business.

Passwords Are Not Nearly Enough
Nightmare scenarios surrounding poor password security are all over the Internet and news outlets, especially over the past few years. Passwords like 12345678 aren’t uncommon in the business environment, specifically because they are easy to remember–even if they aren’t secure. More businesses than ever before are implementing password requirements that involve complex password usage at every turn. With password managers becoming more common, there really isn’t any excuse not to use them.

Don’t Send Personal Information through Email
Hackers are always trying to convince users to share sensitive information with them, even if they aren’t aware of it. One increasingly common tactic used is whaling, which involves hackers taking on the identity of an organization’s CEO or President. Since most employees will simply do as they are told, hackers believe that they can convince employees to perform various functions, such as wire transferring funds or handing over credentials and personal information. This is why it’s especially important to use your head and question illogical or unsound statements that you think might be suspicious. Look for typos or misspelled names in these messages, as whaling schemes will show various giveaway signals that mean you should think before you act. If you suspect anything at all, confirm with whoever sent the message in person or through a company-verified email or telephone number.

Always Be Sure to Mention Security Openly
The push for better network security only dies when you stop talking about it. Therefore, you should always communicate the importance of network security when you get the chance. Consider for a moment just how crazy-common ransomware has become in just a few short months. Some employees still might not know the difference between ransomware and other types of threats, and that data backup doesn’t guarantee that everything can be restored properly. Open communication lines between your staff and IT professionals so that they can ask questions and identify warning signs before it’s too late to do anything about them.

If your employees are unaware of just how important they are to the security of your network, be sure to help them out by making it easy for them. Aspire can help you implement security solutions that keep your business safe, as well as aid in the process of informing your employees about best practices. To learn more, reach out to us at (469) 7-ASPIRE.

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