In today’s blog, we’ll go over a couple of the ways that mobility can give your business a boost, and how to make sure that these boosts aren’t exposing your business to threats.

Mobile Devices
With powerful solutions able to fit in a briefcase–or even your pocket–your productivity is no longer trapped within your workplace’s four walls. Mobile devices can now allow your employees to work wherever and whenever is necessary, also providing a productivity boost that can put your team ahead of the game. Not to mention the fact that a mobile device permits each team member to work the way that suits them best, empowering your staff to work as they work best. This near-constant access to business assets can provide a powerful way for your business to ensure deadlines are met and productivity is through the roof.

Cloud Data Storage
You can access your mobile applications while out of the office on a smartphone, so there’s no reason you can’t use the cloud to access data that you’ve stored online. By effectively using cloud-based storage, you can stay connected to your business’ network even while out of the office. You can host more than just data in the cloud, though. If you can think it, you can use the cloud to host it. Servers, desktop infrastructures, data storage, and even applications–all can be used in conjunction with the cloud.

Mobility comes at a price, though. Security is a major concern for any users of mobile devices to access sensitive data. While your in-house network is secure behind all sorts of security solutions, a public Wi-Fi connection could potentially expose your unsecured data to hackers while it’s moving to and from your devices. The best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to use a Virtual Private Network. With a VPN, your data is encrypted while it’s in transit, ensuring that sensitive information is protected against dangerous entities. Furthermore, a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy will help your employees remain compliant with your organization’s mobile device standards. You should be able to blacklist and whitelist apps, section off data on a per-user basis, or remotely wipe devices to ensure data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Aspire can help your business implement mobile solutions to keep your business both productive and safe. To learn more about VPNs or BYOD, call us at (469) 7-ASPIRE.

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