VoIP uses your business’ Internet connection to send and receive calls, which is a step up from the traditional telephone line for multiple reasons. Here are six of the best benefits you can gain from VoIP.

Lower Cost per Call
VoIP uses your Internet connection, as well as your IP address, to send and receive calls. This leads to your organization receiving more value from your calling infrastructure in the long run, as you can dodge long-distance charges thanks to the way that VoIP works. All you need to do is make sure that your bandwidth can handle the extra burden, and you’ll essentially be getting rid of an unnecessary service.

Installing a telephone infrastructure is one of those things that you do with a sense of permanency. This can make changing numbers or moving your offices around a hassle, as you’ll need to contact your telephone provider for information on how to transfer your services. VoIP can help you avoid this issue completely, which affords your organization plenty of freedom to move offices around without trouble.

Dynamic Features
While you might have loved the traditional telephone services your provider offered, more advanced features can allow for a refreshing and rich communication experience. VoIP can provide plenty of features that traditional handsets cannot, like voicemail transferring, video chat, instant messaging, and more, all so you can get the most from your phone system.

Back to the Basics
With all of the best new features available, you might think that VoIP forgets some of its most basic features. Well, you’d be wrong–VoIP holds onto all of the basic features you’ve come to know and appreciate, like conference calling and call forwarding. Plus, there’s plenty of room to customize your service depending on your specific needs.

Treat Your Clients
There’s nothing more annoying than a phone that won’t stop ringing–particularly for the caller. With VoIP, you can set up a call queue so that you’ll never miss a call again. You can route the call directly to specific phones or devices. This can help you better treat your clients, as they’ll appreciate not talking to an answering machine.

Reliability Above All
VoIP can be used on whichever device suits you best, be it your smartphone or your work desktop. If you can’t seem to leave the traditional handset behind, VoIP can work with that, too. It’s, quite simply, highly customizable and a fantastic asset to any business’ communication solution.

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