Has your business adopted the cloud and used it to fully leverage your technological assets? The cloud is an exceptional tool that allows businesses to deploy and access information in never-before-seen ways. While the cloud is great for this purpose, these lessons can be applied to parts of your in-house IT infrastructure.

So, what can the cloud do for your business’s internal IT operations?

How is the Cloud Different from Traditional IT?
The cloud is notorious for transforming traditional IT components into software solutions (i.e. virtualizing them and deploying them through the cloud). Taking advantage of the cloud for virtualization is a great way to cut down on complex cabling, which makes adding users to your network much easier and less painful than running wires and setting up new access points. To make things even easier, businesses can easily outsource their cloud management to a third party, providing them with the flexibility of the cloud without the management and maintenance required to keep them in working order.

Compared to your business’s in-house network, the cloud is a more efficient manner of data deployment. As reported by CyberTrend:

The reason why the cloud was able to arrive on the scene and help companies outsource so much of their infrastructure is because it can often offer performance and other benefits that internal IT teams simply can’t match. Traditionally, IT teams have had to deal with a “procurement process” where they have to “go out there, attain the hardware, and get it configured,” which requires quite a few manual activities to actually get everything online and to move the necessary workloads.

The primary benefit of cloud computing is that it’s much more efficient for deploying important data and applications, and it makes it much easier to perform maintenance on your organization’s infrastructure. Aspire knows the best way to help your business achieve success with both cloud-based and network-based infrastructures. Outsourcing the hosting of your cloud and network infrastructure can increase your business’s flexibility and allow for more cost savings.

For example, your business can use thin clients to cut costs on electricity and hardware, but only if you’re using a cloud-based virtual network infrastructure. Plus, if you’re using thin clients and a virtual network, you can apply patches and updates to all desktops through the cloud. Furthermore, by hosting applications in the cloud, you can take full advantage of your staff working from home, which further saves on energy costs.

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