IT management is something that is tricky for many organizations–particularly small businesses that have limited budgets and workforces. Does your business have adequate access to IT solutions that make your life easier? Traditionally, the break-fix method of IT support has cost businesses like yours a lot of money. That’s why the proactive Managed IT service method is exactly what many businesses are looking for.

With options ranging from comprehensive remote monitoring and management, to backup and recovery, to vendor management, managed IT services provide much more than just computer repair. In fact, if IT services are leveraged properly, your technology won’t need much repair.

What would you do if your business were to be suddenly hit by a major disaster scenario? Work stops and the resulting downtime caused by the disaster could become a major (and costly) issue. Consider the likely scenario with a break-fix IT provider. You call the issue in and, when they have the availability, a technician is dispatched to help you with your problems. This could take hours–especially factoring in the time spent traveling for on-site work. When you add in all of the expenses associated with this, your technology becomes what’s essentially a time bomb. It could go off at any second, and explode your technology support budget.

Managed IT can remedy this technology issue easily enough by providing access to affordable and preventative solutions that are designed to keep issues from escalating and spiraling out of control. Think of managed IT services as a way to implement all of the greatest solutions on the market without breaking your budget–services that you may have had your eye on for a while, but could never afford, like data backup and disaster recovery, network security, and remote maintenance/management. Aspire can help your business take advantage of an unprecedented level of convenience with your technology management.

We mentioned affordability, and we mean–traditional break-fix IT costs organizations much more than managed IT. Smaller and more affordable monthly payments make for an easier hit on the wallet, and since you’re not investing large sums into upfront costs, you can invest in long-term fixes that keep you from spending large sums in the future. It’s just one way that managed IT can help businesses just like yours improve operations.

Do you find yourself managing technology more often than running your business? Managed IT can help. To learn more, reach out to us at (469) 7-ASPIRE.

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