2016 is well underway, but how are you approaching your company’s IT? If you’re using the outdated break-fix model, then your calendar might as well read 2006, or even 1996. Essentially, every year brings new technologies, which means new challenges for your IT network. To handle this influx, you’re going to want an IT maintenance solution that keeps up with the times.

Many organizations still function while making do with break-fix IT. These businesses are usually small and medium-sized companies that don’t have time or capital to invest in solving technology issues. They might not address issues until progress is hindered, which can be a dangerous practice if continued unchecked. SMBs are often stuck in this situation, primarily because fixing their technology or purchasing expensive new solutions can break their budget.

Both of these scenarios can spell trouble for your business, especially when your technology is showing signs of failure. Workstations that aren’t maintained properly can lead to recurring problems. For example, software that’s not provided with the latest patches and security updates can be riddled with vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. If your servers aren’t regularly maintained, you could be risking hardware failure, which leads to data loss and expensive downtime. Businesses that can’t recover their lost data have a life expectancy of only one year following a data loss disaster, so replacing old technology only when it fails isn’t an option.

Managed IT, in comparison to the traditional break-fix IT model, attempts to resolve issues before they become huge, expensive problems later on. Managed service providers handle the complete and total management of your business’s technical assets, which could include server hosting and maintenance, email management, backup and disaster recovery, and pretty much any other technology related resource-intensive task that businesses require. In other words, managed service providers make running your business easier by eliminating important routine technology maintenances from your workload. This frees you from the burden of making important technical decisions, and allows you to focus more on running your business and ensuring operations are sustained efficiently.

As a managed service provider, Aspire specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses implement new and efficient technology solutions. Managing technology can be difficult, thanks to its unpredictable nature. This is why outsourcing your technology management to expert technicians is the best approach to IT. Rather than struggling with your technology, it’s more time-efficient and less risky to have specialized professionals handling your tech. Instead of spending your IT budget on the up-front costs of fixing your technology, you should invest it into monthly payments, which take the sting out of purchasing new hardware and software solutions.

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