There are multiple approaches to IT support available for the modern business. While each approach is inherently different, they all achieve the same thing: providing professional IT assistance. Choosing the right IT support plan is dependant upon your company’s IT needs and budget. To help you make the right choice, consider these three options.

Having an In-House IT Department
Having an in-house IT staff is a most-efficient way for businesses to cover their IT needs. However, hiring and retaining IT staff can be a costly endeavor that may be out of reach for smaller companies. Meanwhile, for companies that can afford their own IT department, they can run the risk of overloading the schedules of their IT staff with time-consuming maintenance tasks.

All-too-common situations like this will often force technicians to forgo implementing new, money-saving IT initiatives for the sake of keeping the current systems running. Therefore, IT departments that are feeling this productivity pinch will want to consider supplementing the workload with co-managed IT services. This is a solution Aspire provides where we come alongside your IT staff and assist them with routine IT maintenance in order to free them up so they can work on bigger IT projects.

Break-Fix IT and Help Desks
Another common approach for SMBs is to rely on an outside IT support system for when something goes wrong with their technology, like a break-fix IT company or a charge-by-the-hour IT Help Desk service. Granted, these are reliable ways to solve IT problems, but they can lead to high IT costs that are impossible to budget around. Plus, the break-fix approach fails to get at the heart of a lot of IT problems, which can often times be easily prevented with a proactive approach to IT maintenance.

Although, when it comes to IT maintenance, it’s inevitable for equipment to break down and for assistance via phone calls to be required. At Aspire, we provide this kind of hands-on support for your broken technology. However, unlike the typical break-fix company which charges for support by the hour, we provide this service at a flat-rate as part of the managed service agreement, meaning that an employee experiencing a technology issue doesn’t have to hesitate to contact Aspire for a fix due to the fear of breaking the company budget.

Taking the Proactive Approach With Managed IT
For SMBs looking to gain access to professional IT support that won’t break the budget, managed IT service from Aspire is the way to go. Managed IT is a unique offering that’s designed to minimize IT issues and downtime by taking a proactive approach to IT maintenance. Plus, thanks to managed IT being offered as a service, it’s an expense that you can budget around. This is a great way to make professional IT service affordable, costing you way less than having to onboard new IT staff or pay for a break-fix technician to come and resolve an issue.

When every modern business needs IT support, managed IT puts professional IT support within the reach of every company, no matter the company’s size or budget. Have a conversation with Aspire today to learn how managed IT can meet and exceed your company’s IT needs!

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