What’s At Stake?
Imagine a scenario where your business has allowed an external entity entry to your network. What kind of sensitive documents are found on it? Think about all your trade secrets being stolen and sold somewhere on the black market, and that’s not even considering the repercussions of any personally identifiable information being stolen. And when your business has a reputation of network security being poor, you might start having trouble finding people who are willing to work with you. Plus, the fines associated with security breaches could be enough to force your business to file for bankruptcy.

Security Solutions for Business
Generally speaking, the most common security measures you will see for small businesses are enterprise-level solutions that are accessible, yet powerful at the same time. Among these are Unified Threat Management, Virtual Private Networks, and Mobile Device Management. All of these services provide some level of security for businesses that need it, but in different parts of operations. They are all equally important, though, and you should consider each of them to optimize network security.

  • Unified Threat Management: A UTM solution combines four enterprise-level solutions into one tool, providing a plethora of protection from online threats. A UTM includes a firewall, antivirus program, spam blocking system, and content filtering solution, all to minimize the chance of threats infiltrating your network and eliminate the ones that do.
  • Virtual Private Networks: VPNs are critical to keeping your data secure while accessing it outside the protection of your network. VPNs offer encrypted access to data found on your network, eliminating the possibility of onlookers stealing data while it’s in transit.
  • Mobile Device Management: With so many mobile devices in the workplace, it’s no surprise that users are taking data with them while out of the office. Without proper measures in place, data could be put at risk. Mobile device management allows your organization to control consenting devices through the use of whitelisting and blacklisting applications, remote wiping, and user access control. This creates a safety net that your business can fall back on if a device is ever lost or stolen.

Implementing the right security measures can be challenging, to say the least. Aspire can help your business implement useful new additions to your security infrastructure. To learn more, reach out to us at (469) 7-ASPIRE.

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