As a technology-using business owner, it’s your responsibility to take the security of your organization’s data seriously. This entails knowing the finer details of the many security threats that are out and about on the Internet. Here is a list that includes many of the major threats that you’ll want to keep a lookout for in the business world, and what you can do to stop them.

It’s not uncommon for a computer to get infected with a virus after some use. All it takes to get one is clicking on the wrong link or downloading an infected file. Viruses often cause both major and minor problems, with the least of your worries being a major slowdown. In many cases, viruses are the simplest of threats, and could be symptoms of much worse problems. If you suspect that your computer has been infected by a virus, make sure that you check for other problems as well.

Another major contender for most popular threat is malware, simply because of how incredibly varied the term is. “Malicious software,” is designed to perform a specific task, and as such, there are practically infinite types of malware out there. Some variants try to steal data, while others just want to destroy it. Regardless, you should do everything you can to keep malware out of your system. Antivirus and antimalware programs are great ways to eliminate threats that have made it into your infrastructure.

Trojans, like their namesake (the Greek Trojan Horse), install backdoors on your device to allow for remote access. This is mainly so hackers can have a way into your device for a future hacking campaign or otherwise. In fact, trojans are often installed on a device during other, less serious hacking attacks, using a distraction that takes the focus away from the trojan being installed. If you want to ensure that you catch trojans on your network, you want only the most powerful antivirus solutions.

This is perhaps the most dreaded threat that there is in today’s business world. Ransomware is malware designed to encrypt your files using high-end encryption protocol, which then demands that you pay a fee for the decryption key. The only surefire way to get your data out of this situation safely is to restore a backup, but some organizations don’t even have this contingency available to them. Additionally, most ransomware moves around via spam, so it’s important that you make sure you have protection against it. This includes malicious links and attachments, as well as educating your team on what to look for.

Phishing and Spear Phishing
Phishing and advanced spear-phishing are designed to take advantage of the human aspect of your organization. Through technologies like email or phone calls, hackers will try to steal sensitive information or coax passwords or credentials out of unsuspecting users. Spam messages are often personalized to make them appear to be the real deal, even though they’re just messages designed to trick the user. Phishing messages often come in the form of threats from fake law enforcement or government agencies, which take advantage of the fear factor. These messages can be prevented with a spam filter that keeps them out of your inbox in the first place.

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