A virtual private network (VPN) is a system that delivers enterprise-focused communication services on a shared public network infrastructure and provides customized operating characteristics uniformly and universally across an enterprise….Technology providers define a VPN as the use of encryption software or hardware to bring privacy to communications over a public or untrusted data network.

So, naturally, it’s a great solution for businesses who need to deploy information and applications great distances across the Internet for their remote workers. This helps them avoid connecting to your network through an unsecured wireless connection, like those found in public places like cafes, restaurants, airports, and more.

Benefits of Using VPNs
Just like most other technology innovations to come about in recent times, VPN is designed to offer significant benefits that allow organizations to improve their operations and achieve peace of mind by improving their data security. Here are some other benefits that a VPN can provide for the average SMB:

  • Restrict access to information on a per-user basis: Not everyone in your network needs to have access to the same information. For instance, your accounting department is the only one who needs access to the pay rates and financial information for your organization, and human resources should be the only one with access to personally identifiable information of your employees. A VPN allows you to set up barriers for how you want your information to be accessed by employees.
  • Allow secure network access for remote workers: As previously mentioned, public WiFi and hotel hotspots aren’t the best ways to connect to private and sensitive information. Viruses and malware are often commonplace on these connections, as they are the easiest ways to infiltrate unsuspecting users.
  • Multi-device compatibility: VPNs can be accessed by users of all types of devices, from laptops to smartphones. This allows users to access information on your private network from multiple avenues, allowing them to access this information in a way which allows them the most productivity.

As you can see, a VPN is capable of pushing your business forward by improving remote functionality of your network, and even internal operations. Give Aspire a call at (469) 7-ASPIRE to get started with VPN technology.

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