It’s important to imagine the worst-case scenario when preparing for a disaster. If your servers were to crash unexpectedly, you need to think about how this would immediately affect your business. Your servers hold countless important files, ranging from data to applications. At the very least, you can expect to lose employee information, client contact information, and financial records. This is data that you’ve accumulated through the years, and it would be difficult to replace it immediately if it were to all be lost in an instant. In fact, most businesses that experience such a tragic loss of data, who aren’t able to quickly recover it, will file for bankruptcy within a year following the incident. In other words, you have everything to lose by not implementing a quality backup and disaster recovery solution, and everything to gain.

The primary reason your business needs to consider data backup and disaster recovery is because there are too many factors at play that are unpredictable. Some of these include:

Natural Disasters: Fires, earthquakes, storms, power outages, and more can all lead to the destruction of your business’s in-house data storage infrastructure.
Hacking Attacks: If a hacker gets into your network, they can steal information, corrupt it, or lock it down. This can jeopardize your organization’s access to vital data that’s necessary for everyday operations.
User Error: Let’s say that a new user accesses the network and messes with settings they know they shouldn’t. If an inexperienced user were to misplace files, or delete them entirely, it could be disastrous for your organization if you don’t have a plan to recover them.
Hardware Failure: Old or damaged hardware is known to break down more than brand-new machines, making it more important than ever to either upgrade to more recent models, or take proactive steps to prevent hardware failure and prepare for the first.

All of these situations can easily be prevented by having immediate access to a backed-up copy of your data. This is what a quality data backup and disaster recovery solution can provide for your business. It should create multiple copies of your data that can be stored both off-site or in the cloud, so you have quick access to them when you need them most. Your solution should be able to maximize uptime by eliminating downtime, effectively avoiding the expensive costs associated with it.

It just so happens that Aspire’s Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution is specifically designed to provide a powerful, cost-effective way to keep your data safe under the majority of data loss situations. Our BDR takes multiple backups throughout the workday and stores them in an off-site data center, or in the cloud for easy access. This makes the data restoration process far easier and more rapid than it would be if you used a tape backup solution. As for the icing on the cake, the BDR device can even take the place of a failing server, providing ample time to replace the hardware without the expensive downtime. For more information, give us a call at (469) 7-ASPIRE.

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