The primary reason why break-fix IT is such an issue for SMBs is mostly because they don’t have the freedom that a larger enterprise might have in their budget. This means that they don’t necessarily have funds put away to onboard a team of technicians, and that employees often have to deal with their own IT maintenance in addition to their normal responsibilities. If they have support for their technology troubles, it’s generally done through a break-fix provider who only administers their technology assistance when it’s too late to prevent problems. Either way, your organization is in a tough position.

IT Support is Important for Your Entire Organization
Contrary to popular belief, poor IT administration isn’t just a localized effect on the employee who can’t access their email or navigate their network storage. When one employee can’t do these things, they fall behind. What happens if they are part of a critical project management crew that’s on a deadline? Even more trying is when an employee finds malicious messages in their inbox and the entire organization is threatened by a data breach. Issues like these aren’t difficult to prevent, but if you aren’t proactive about it, prepare for your budget to be punished.

Long story short, if one employee can’t do their job properly, everyone else who relies on them will also be held up. This chain reaction can create incredible downtime which can cripple your organization in both the short term and long term. Eventually, it could become so bad that it’s difficult to recover, making it ideal to simply prevent problems from happening in the first place.

How Managed IT Helps
Preventative measures can ensure your technology doesn’t experience issues in the first place, which can be a significant first step toward preserving your organization. Break-fix measures will only resolve the current problem, not take steps toward preventing them in the future. Managed IT–outsourced technical expertise offered by Aspire–can allow your business to function as if it had an in-house IT department without adding new salaries to your budget. All you have to consider is a predictable monthly payment, which is something that break-fix IT can never provide.

Through the power of remote technology, we can monitor your infrastructure and address problems that need to be handled promptly, before they have any effect on your operations. This lets yourself and your employees focus on keeping your business running efficiently. For more information about how managed IT can help your business push beyond its limits, reach out to us at (469) 7-ASPIRE.

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