The last time you reached out to IT support, how long did it take them to respond to your request? Did they have to drive all the way to your office, only to resolve the issue far too late? Being able to take prompt action is key to alleviating IT issues, especially when mission-critical data is on the line. A remote monitoring and maintenance solution may be just the tool you need to keep your systems maintained and operating properly, and all without expensive on-site visits.

Remote monitoring and maintenance lets your business get the technology assistance it needs as swiftly as possible. It’s usually more efficient to outsource this responsibility to a third party that can keep tabs on your business’s systems through an online cloud-connected interface. This allows technicians to resolve most problems without an on-site visit, though this is far from the only benefit that remote monitoring and management solutions provide.

Resource Allocation
Your network components and applications are constantly being accessed throughout the workday, but delegating the proper amount of resources to ensure that the tools are available can be tricky business. If you have an outsourced provider monitoring your network resources, they can adjust the workload to avoid bottlenecks and downtime, ensuring maximum functionality.

Threat Management
Similar to the above point, keeping an eye on the network and its resources can signify when a threat slips through your defenses. If a virus or malware program installs on a device, it may slow down the machine and spread to other parts of your infrastructure. Identifying where a threat is and eliminating it promptly is important to keep infections from spreading, and this same tactic can be used to detect telltale signs of hardware failures so your organization can prepare for the worst.

Patching and Security Updates
One of the best things about remote monitoring and maintenance is that the outsourced provider can remotely apply patches and updates, as well as resolve other problems that might come up. By doing this, you effectively free your business from the responsibility of performing this routine maintenance, which is an invaluable opportunity for an SMB to invest in more profitable endeavors.

Of course, the biggest benefit of remote monitoring is the fact that you’ll cut down on expensive on-site visits from your IT support. Since most problems can be resolved remotely, it’s logical that you avoid on-site visits as much as possible. After all, it’s a mutually beneficial situation; you get the help you need, and we help you save money. Of course, there are always going to be issues that need an on-site visit, but we’ll try to limit these so that you can focus on keeping your business productive.

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