There are plenty of situations that happen in business that can get a rise out of you. There are times when you can put in a lot of effort only to be let down. This can cause anxiety and even rage. When you lose composure you are more apt to make careless decisions and that makes it harder to get the results you are seeking. The thing is, that staying composed and patient isn’t easy, but it does have some serious benefits. They include:

Superior Time Management

It may not seem like it, but having patience and staying calm can actually help you be more productive. You gain focus and you are able to not only organize your thoughts more effectively, but also keep yourself and your task list prioritized better. Working yourself into a frenzy may make you seem like you are tearing through work, but you will find that you will make more errors and you’ll waste more time on rumination than you are spending focusing on the tasks at hand. 

Reduce Stress

People who get worked up quickly tend to not only have more stress, but also take it out on people more. This can ruin relationships and create situations where any long-term goals are forfeit for the sake of impulsive short-term tasks. Less stress returns a clearer mind, which can be indispensable, especially when you lead a team or manage a project. Most of the time, the more calm you are, the better your work. 

Improved Creativity

The more time you give yourself to do a task, the more you will do with that task. It’s that simple. The creative mind is much, much less effective when it is constantly rushed. People who work in a frenzy tend to make compromises that don’t represent their ability to produce their best work. Having patience and letting your mind work through situations and tasks, you will find that you will be able to consider more innovative and creative solutions to the problems you face. 

Just Being Plain Productive

Businesses depend on the efficiency of their employees, that much is true. Trying to be the most efficient can cause you to lose patience pretty quickly. The problem is, that if you are able to keep it on an even keel, you will find yourself getting more done. Whether you have one task to accomplish or many, the best way to produce is to not let the work overwhelm you. Studies have shown that patience boosts creativity, the quality of work, the ability to effectively collaborate, and the ability to produce at a superior level. 

How to Build a Positive and Patient Mindset

So if staying patient at work can help your career, how in the world can you do it? With constant interruptions, deadlines that need to be met, co-workers that would rather talk about the big game than get their work done all contributing to the level of agitation you experience, how in the world can you focus on what needs to be done? Here are a few tips:

Be Mindful of What Is Making You Impatient

Many times, our task lists can overwhelm us. This creates a block in our brains and then the ensuing panic doesn’t do any favors. Being aware of what is causing us to react impulsively can go a long way toward calming us down and give us a better ability to prioritize the work that is set out for us. Try writing down a list of things that need to be accomplished by priority and it can work to give us a roadmap to be more productive and get things done.

Just Wait

By making yourself wait on something that is ruminating in your head, you will be more fulfilled when you accomplish it. Start small and work your way up to the most crucial tasks. Put off the little things that can provide a false sense of accomplishment and start with the big tasks. Once those are accomplished, the small stuff will seem easier and create less stress.


Taking some time away from your task list can provide immense benefits. Whether you formally meditate or just do some deep breathing exercises to calm yourself down, the relaxation you get from separating your mind from the seemingly endless list of things you need to do can make your work a little less stressful and provide some perspective. 

Being as productive as you can be doesn’t have to take a toll on your mental health. We hope you try these suggestions and realize that putting more pressure on yourself to perform makes your performance suffer. For more great business and technology content, enjoy the other articles in this month’s newsletter and visit our blog.

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