Application Isolation
When your server is virtualized, you’re able to isolate needed applications. Isolating an application on a dedicated server unit is very wasteful and very impractical, both in terms of wasted electricity and computing resources. Yet, “one application per server” is a common way that many SMBs go about hosting their data.

A virtual server is an efficient alternative to this problem of wasting resources. With a virtual server, your applications are assigned in a controlled environment and given just enough resources to efficiently meet your needs. This frees up space and bandwidth on your local server units so they can handle more mission-critical tasks.

Maximum Uptime
Operating a physical server comes with a degree of risk. Threats like hack attacks, hard drive failure, or performing major maintenances can cause unexpected and serious downtime. A virtualized server is a versatile option that can adjust to the stresses and attacks that have a tendency to plague a server.

The best way to deter downtime is to combine server virtualization with a reliable backup solution. This is what your network gets with Aspire’s Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution. If you’re backing up your data with BDR and your network is hit with a downtime-causing disaster, then BDR can act as a virtualized server for your network so your business can continue with its work and only experience minimum downtime.

Cloud Migration is Simplified
Are you considering moving your data and applications to the cloud? If so, then you’re going to have an easier migration process moving data from a virtualized server to the cloud than you will by moving your data to the cloud from an in-house physical server.

Why would you want to migrate your data from a physical or virtualized server to the cloud? All of these data-hosting options come with their own set of unique benefits. Before you commit to a data hosting model, which can include a hybrid option, be sure to talk with the IT professionals at Aspire in order to discover what the best technology move is for your business.

These are only three benefits as to why you should consider server virtualization; to be sure, there are many more. To find out if server virtualization is right for your business, give Aspire a call at (469) 7-ASPIRE.

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