Being able to perform work remotely is especially important in today’s work environment. This is why it’s preferable to have a tablet or smartphone that one can work on while out of the office. As of 2015, it’s estimated by Pew Research that 64 percent of all American adults own a smartphone. Here are three technologies that you can use to get more productivity out of your mobile devices.

Bluetooth Keyboard
How long was the last message you typed on an on-screen smartphone or tablet keyboard? It’s clear that this isn’t the most efficient way to write out longer emails or documents. While it might be great for a quick text message or email update, you’ll want a more comprehensive solution that helps you spend less time messing around with autocorrect errors. You can give your thumbs a break by purchasing a Bluetooth keyboard. This essentially turns your device into one with laptop-like functionality.

Bluetooth Mouse
Anyone who uses a tablet understands that navigating productivity applications like email and document editors with a touch screen can be frustrating at times. You can remedy this by using a Bluetooth-connected mouse that gives you the feeling of a desktop with an itty bitty screen. It might only be a slight convenience, but whatever helps your productivity, right?

Many tablets today are compatible with Bluetooth mice, which, when combined with a keyboard, give you more of a traditional laptop experience with the mobility of a slim, light tablet.

Bluetooth Headset
One of the core functions of a telephone is to allow you to communicate over long distances with your voice. While you could easily stop whatever you’re working on to make a phone call, it’s unnecessary and takes away from the task at hand. If you’re using a Bluetooth headset, you can use your mobile device for phone calls without interrupting your work process, and without bothering the people around you by putting your phone on speaker mode.

Besides the obvious use of being able to talk on the phone, you can also use a Bluetooth headset to listen to music, view webinars, or listen to podcasts that are designed to help you boost productivity or learn new best practices. If you’re on a plane and have several hours left of your flight, it might not be a bad idea to check in on what’s hot and upcoming in your chosen industry. While some airlines have concerns over the safety of Bluetooth, the FAA has confirmed that Bluetooth will not interfere with critical airplane communication systems (in other words, it depends on your airline).

What are some of your favorite ways to stay productive with your mobile devices? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to our blog for more productivity hacks and technology tips.

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