So many devices have entered the workplace that it’s mind-boggling to think about how they will affect operations and security. However, it’s crucial to know how this will affect your business in the future. These connected “Internet of Things” devices could have a major impact on how you run your business in 2018, so take a moment to see what the experts at HAX Hardware Trends have to say about it:

Consumer Devices Are Changing
The technology industry is incredibly competitive. Every hardware producer is trying to one-up the competition, and the data collected by Internet of Things devices is being used to spearhead these innovations. Older technologies are going to be reinvented and reimagined to keep themselves from going stale in the near future. Take, for example, the smart home and smart technology in general. In order to keep up with competition, companies will start manufacturing smart devices in order to differentiate their products from others. While the technology of connected devices offers dynamic new uses for traditional products, the infrastructure to connect them all together may truly take off in the upcoming year.

Health Technology is Making Strides
The progress in health technology is described by Forbes as P4 Medicine, which stands for predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory. These new IoT devices will be able to predict future health conditions, diagnose issues, and proactively treat them before they cause major health crises. Think of it like monitoring your network for potential hardware failure before it happens. In the near future, the data provided by the body could potentially allow for new discoveries that completely change the way that certain conditions are treated.

Enterprise and Industry Use Will Grow Faster
Although small business use of the Internet of Things will undoubtedly grow, the enterprise and specific industries will stand to grow the most as a result of its implementation. For example, some of the major industries, such as infrastructure, logistics, agriculture, and retail all value data immensely. By taking advantage of IoT technology, processes can be simplified to create more economic and efficient workflows. Even automated technology has a place in these industries, with robots already performing maintenance on various machinery and sensors.

How do you foresee the Internet of Things affecting your business’s growth in the future? Don’t take a chance with your technology assets now or in the future–reach out to Aspire today.

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