Finding the kind of IT management that your business deserves isn’t always easy, especially for the small or medium-sized business that works with a limited budget. Sometimes it might feel like you’re paying an exorbitant amount for the services you’re receiving. Well, it’s actually much easier to get the prices and services you deserve, all thanks to the advent of managed IT services and technology as a service offerings.

For example, how expensive is brand new technology? Society tells us that the latest and greatest in technological advancements are needed in order to keep the leg up on competition, but realistically, this is difficult to accomplish without completely breaking your technology budget. Considering the fact that technology is growing at an astronomical rate, this would mean immense capital expenses on your part. Granted, there’s no avoiding replacing a faulty server or workstation, but the point remains that it can be difficult if your budget is limited.

Now, imagine how much easier handling these technology expenses becomes if you transform your IT expenses into operational costs. This is often seen in the form of maintenance agreements with managed service providers, who offer technology services at predictable monthly rates. This helps businesses like yours focus on making profits, while letting professional technician do what they do best; make sure that technology remains upgraded, updated, and performing to maximum capacity. Businesses find this holds the most value to them because they avoid the up-front costs in favor of easily budgetable expenses.

Two emerging managed services include Hardware as a Service (HaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). HaaS is the act of procuring hardware like workstations, servers, and other machines, while SaaS concentrates more on the procurement of software. Both of these are generally less risky than purchasing brand new technology outright, and they offer small and medium-sized businesses scalable solutions that are customizable to fit the specific needs of your business.

Overall, HaaS and SaaS are designed to save your business as much money as possible without sacrificing functionality. By being both innovative and proactive about replacing your aging technology, you’ll be able to stay relevant in your industry. Aspire understands that your organization shouldn’t have to choose between breaking the budget and using the latest and greatest technology solutions. We can help your business achieve its greatest potential with our managed IT services, all for a transparent, fixed monthly rate.

An opportunity like this might seem like it’s too good to be true, but honestly, your business has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Call Aspire at (469) 7-ASPIRE to see for yourself just how much managed IT can save your business.

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