Over the past few decades, technology has drastically changed the way businesses of all sizes and industries communicate. In fact, there is a direct correlation between the way a business communicates and its overall success. The majority of customers, as well as their employees, demand that the modern business find avenues of sharing information that are as close to instantaneous as possible.

To meet this demand, the future of business communication strategy will likely utilize multiple platforms, including email, phone, instant messaging and social media. For many businesses, the future has arrived – at least partially. Multiple avenues of communication are already being adopted by many companies, to great success. Have you given any thought as to whether you’re giving your business the opportunity to drive service and productivity through the best type of interaction?

Once dominated by telephone usage, email is the predominant method of business-related correspondence. It’s inexpensive and efficient and can be accessed easily from practically anywhere. Email can be secured through encryption, as well as used retained and stored as a documented record of an exchange.

By the Numbers:


  • 93% say they’re likely to respond to email.
  • 94% recommend people contact them by email.
  • 86% say they use email daily.

The telephone may have been invented a hundred years ago, but it’s still one of the most popular ways to reach another person and interact in real time. While telephone communication through digital and cellular services steadily climbing, the use of landlines, or phones that require a connection to traditional, copper wires to operate, are rapidly declining.

Internet-based telephone platforms, such as Voice over Internet Protocol. (VoIP), are ideal for businesses because its capabilities dwarf that of landlines. VoIP gives users the option of have their phone ring at multiple locations (ex. desk, smartphone and home) simultaneously or in a cascade. It reduces the amount of hardware required and is less expensive than other phone options.

By the Numbers:


  • Only 54% use their landline on a daily basis
  • 76% recommended reaching out to them by cell phone.
  • 78% are likely to respond to a voicemail.

Chat Interface
Particularly popular with internal communications, instant messaging (IMs) allows users to chat in real time, and well as while carrying-on multiple discussions with several team members. Similar to email, it is possible to record a chat transcript as a record of the interaction. The distinction between chat and email is basically the sense of urgency. Receiving a message through IM generally means that a response is required forthwith.

By the Numbers:


  • 65% say they’re likely to respond to IMs.
  • 48% they like to be contacted by IM at work.

Social Media
The role that social media pays in digital communication is focused on the customer. Many businesses use their social media pages share their message and reach their target audience. Customer feedback and FAQs are common elements of business pages. Sharing pictures and information is an integral part of how a business shows off their knowledge and builds authority. To do this, it’s important that you have the right devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) and software required to get your business into digital commerce.

By the Numbers:


  • People are 3 times more likely to respond to LinkedIn than Twitter. 
  • 54% say they would respond to a social media message.

These four platforms play an important role in business communications, now and in the future. However, they’re just the basic necessities that no business can thrive without. Some businesses are also incorporating video chats, like Skype. Technology designed to improve the user’s ability to collaborate and communicate are constantly being developed. Are you ready to embrace the future of your business communications? Let us know. After all, there are many ways to get a hold of us!

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