If we asked you to think of a business technology that doesn’t take advantage of the cloud in some capacity, would you be able to come up with one? Cloud computing has become a part of almost every business endeavor, and for good reason. SMBs can leverage the cloud for any number of services or solutions, including email, data storage, server virtualization, and so much more.

The only question is… how will your business take advantage of the cloud?

Your first thoughts of the cloud might be that it’s useful for storing lots of data. This is true, and you might be surprised by just how flexible the cloud is for this purpose. Depending on your company’s specific data storage needs, most cloud service providers allow for flexible, scalable data storage plans that can change as your needs change. Top it off with the fact that you can access your important data from anywhere on applicable devices, and employees can stay connected and productive even while out of the office.

As for other practical uses for the cloud, email is a very common use for businesses of all sizes. Many organizations use Gmail or Microsoft Outlook for their email solutions. Plus, Google and Microsoft offer cloud-based collaboration tools like G-Suite and Microsoft Office 365, which include word processors, spreadsheet builders, and slideshow creators. With access to all of these productivity solutions via the cloud, you’ll be able to collaborate and work on projects no matter where you’re located, be it in the office or on the road.

You can even host virtual servers in the cloud as an alternative to hosting physical servers in your office. Some businesses rely on legacy applications, and many of these applications can only run on older versions of operating systems that may not be compatible with newer parts of your infrastructure. This leads to organizations hosting more servers than they need, many of which will be underutilized. By hosting servers virtually in the cloud, you can run multiple instances of various applications in controlled, partitioned environments, all on the same server. This leads to saving on physical space and on resources such as electricity and air conditioning.

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