Have you ever considered why the VoIP auto attendant feature is so valuable? When a person is greeted with directions that make their journey easier, it typically improves their general opinion of your business. The VoIP auto attendant feature helps guide you through their telephone system. Now, have you ever been to a place where you walk in and you are confused where to go and it takes a while to navigate because of the lack of predominant signage? Like the auto attendant, digital signage platforms can help guide your visitors and you may be surprised about how affordable they can be and the additional value these systems provide to a growing number of businesses. 

What is Digital Signage?

They are just digital displays that provide customers, visitors, and patients information. It’s that simple. It’s the menu behind the counter at McDonald’s and the LED billboards you see on any major interstate highway. When you want to get a message out, digital signs are the best method. There are several reasons why digital signage is a great investment for any business to make. Let’s take a look at how they can fit into different types of businesses.


For the retail business, digital signs can be a major benefit. They not only can fuel customer’s purchasing decisions, they can also enhance the amount of foot traffic a business sees, a benefit that can do a lot to justify the admittedly substantial capital costs that come with deploying a comprehensive digital signage system. Digital signs can be placed throughout a retail location to function in different manners. A sign near the entrance can provide information about promotions or sales you have. The ability to broadcast different types of content can also function to provide information to customers that help direct customer to specific products and enhance their experience.


No industry has brick and mortar locations more intimidating to visitors than the healthcare industry. With so many rooms and different functions inside a hospital or other healthcare building having signs that direct people to the place they need to be is imperative. With digital signs, a healthcare facility can not only direct visitors to where they need to go, they can broadcast changes of service, patient check-in information, and provide a digital interface for healthcare professionals to use inside patient rooms. It’s been proven that digital signs are more noticeable than traditional signs and can function as a major benefit for patients and visitors alike. 

The Modern Office

For many businesses, keeping their staff apprised of all the most current organizational information is difficult. The more employees know, the better they can do their jobs. Many businesses have moved to placing digital sign solutions inside the common areas of their business to keep employees informed and engaged with the business. 

The investment in digital signage is in the hardware (TVs or monitors) and the cabling to install these systems in the most effective places inside your business. The computing hardware and software to run a full-scale digital signage system is affordable, and with digital signage software solutions hosted in the cloud, the additional capital costs can be shifted to an operating expense. 

Digital signage is a technology system that many businesses may not consider imperative, but businesses that roll out a comprehensive digital signage system have found that they can increase revenue by as much as 33 percent and reduce the amount of money they spend on traditional signage. 

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