When it comes to storing your business’ documents, you have a couple of options available to you. Some professionals enjoy the chaos of having documents strewn about their office, while others prefer the organization that a system of filing cabinets can bring with it. However, both of these options pale in comparison to the document management system, a technological innovation that could allow your organization to go paperless and improve efficiency in ways you might not have guessed.

What is a Document Management System?

A document management system is essentially a repository of your business’ documents that are stored in a searchable database. Since the files are stored in a digital space rather than a physical one, there are many benefits to using a document management system that you simply don’t get with filing cabinets or folders. Consider how much space a filing cabinet takes up—physically—in the workplace. You might have rooms filled with paper documents, and even when they are stored in an organized way, digging one out whenever it’s needed is a time-consuming task. Plus, printing out documents is horrible for both the environment and your printing costs.

Using a document management system makes your documents more accessible, more secure, and more redundant. There is simply no reason not to use one.

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Easy Access and Sharing Capabilities

Since your documents will be stored in the cloud, you can easily access them on approved devices and share them with your coworkers as needed. It certainly beats digging through a filing cabinet and making copies of the documents, right?

Secure Storage and Archiving

Paper documents are not secure, period. They can be lost—or worse, stolen—quite easily. It’s more difficult to lose digital files, and even more impressive is the ability to securely store them in encrypted databases. It’s one thing for a criminal to take a pair of bolt cutters to a locked filing cabinet, but another entirely for them to crack military-grade encryption on your database.

Disaster-Proof with Data Backup Systems

Imagine your office building was to catch fire, including the room where you keep your filing cabinets. They likely won’t survive the disaster, leaving you high and dry. While a digital document management system does come with its fair share of challenges related to disasters, like cybersecurity and hacking attacks, data is much easier to back up than, say, five filing cabinets filled with paper documents.

Get Started with Document Management Systems Today!

Aspire can equip your business with a document management system that aids your organization’s efforts at going paperless while making your documents more accessible than ever before. You’ll find that the enhanced productivity gleaned from your document management systems will make all the difference.

To learn more and get started with document management systems today, contact us at (469) 7-ASPIRE.

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