Social media can be difficult to navigate due to how overstimulating it can be. Sometimes it is beneficial to unfollow people or pages that are either no longer relevant to you or are not doing anything for your mental health. To help you detox your social media feed a little bit, let’s discuss how you can unfollow someone on Facebook.

Unfollow vs Unfriend

First, we should preface that unfollowing someone, be it a page or a friend, is different from unfriending them entirely. Sometimes you might not want to completely cut out the person from your life, in which case the unfollow feature is extremely useful. It lets you remove someone from your News Feed so that their posts and updates no longer appear there for you. If this sounds preferable to unfriending them entirely, read on to find out how you can do it.

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Unfollow a Friend or Page

To easily unfollow a friend or a page, go to their page or profile. At the top of their profile, you should see a blue button that says Following. When you click on that button, you should see the option to Unfollow. Click on that option and voila, unfollowed.

The process is the same on the mobile application, more or less. Just look for the Following button, tap it, and select the appropriate option to complete the process.

Let’s say someone posts an unsavory post that you would rather not see in your social media feed, both now and in the future. You can unfollow someone directly from a post in your feed, too. Look for the ellipsis menu, click it, then select the option to unfollow that user.

Curating your social media feed is one way to improve your productivity, but you can improve it further by removing it from the workday entirely, if possible. With a web content blocker, you can keep your employees from wasting time on social media websites while they are in the workplace.

But what if you don’t want to block these sites for all employees and only want to put them in place for a handful of problem employees? You can do that too! You get valuable insights into how your team is using their devices through this solution, so you can implement restrictions based on activity level. It’s a great solution that allows you to give flexibility to those who have earned it while restricting it for those who need to focus a little harder during the workday.

Aspire can equip you with the tools to keep your staff productive throughout the day. To learn more, reach out to us at (469) 7-ASPIRE.

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